Top 5 Best Smartwatch For Nurses Reviews Of 2022

Best Smartwatch For Nurses

The noble profession of being a nurse is nowhere near an easy task. The amount of workload a nurse goes through on a daily basis is immense and deserves proper credit. To manage this workload as well as to ensure self-care, the best smartwatches for nurses should be essential devices for every nurse. 

There are plenty of reasons and benefits of having a good smartwatch as a busy nurse. We will discuss those in this article.

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Not only these, but we will also provide an ultimate review on the best smartwatches for nurses. And an easy-to-understand buying guide will surely let you buy one for yourself, without wasting time searching online. 

Let’s start exploring

Why Do You Need The Best Smartwatch For Nurses

Why Do You Need The Best Smartwatch For Nurses

A smartwatch is pretty much the smaller version of the smartphone. It provides a lot of facilities other than showing us the time. The amount of multitasking a nurse usually does also needs a multitasking device to track down all of these. 

Keep You Connected: As a nurse, there is no time to use the smartphone during the working hour. It is impossible to answer calls or reply to urgent text messages. But a smartwatch connected with the smartphone makes it a lot easier. You can get notifications of urgent messages and phone calls easily via your smartwatch. 

Manage Schedules: A smartwatch can also be a schedule manager. As told earlier, nurses have to go through a lot of multi-tasks, a smartwatch can keep the schedule records and provide a reminder as well. 

Manage Time-Sensitive Tasks: As a nurse has to medicate a particular patient on a particular time period, she/he can simply set an alarm and reminder as well. As soon as it is medication time, the smartwatch will send an alarm. This also increases the performance efficiency. 

Take Care: In the process of taking care of others, as a nurse, you shouldn’t forget about yourself. When you are on duty, a smartwatch helps to track your steps, oxygen level, heart rate, etc. It also can send you reminders about when you should get hydrated when you should take the food, remind you of any household tasks and so on. 

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Best Smartwatch For Nurses Review – Our Top 5 Picks 

In this era of online shopping, there are plenty of options available for choosing a smartwatch for yourself. But are they all worthy of buying? The answer might be negative!

Therefore, we are here with our review on the best smartwatches for nurses. Here, we have picked the top 5 smartwatches, which can be perfect for a nurse. We have tried to create a good combination of features and workability while we have chosen those five. 

So, without further due, let’s get started! 

1. Apple Watch Series 3, GPS. 42mm 

Apple Watch Series 3, GPS. 42mm 

Products Information

Supported ApplicationFitness Tracker, Sleep Monitor, GPS, Pedometer, Heart Rate Monitor
Wireless Communication StandardBluetooth, 802.11a/b/g/n
ColorSilver Aluminum with White Sport Band
Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS
Operating SystemWatchOS
Special FeatureHeart Rate Monitor
Human Interface InputTouchscreen, Dial

The Apple watch series 3 has a very good-looking white sports band, which goes really well with the nurse outfit. Not only the look, but the performance is also satisfactory as well. You might be thinking, after so many updates, why you should buy the series 3 watches. 

Well, first of all, if you are a new user, this smartwatch can be your starter. In terms of fitness tracking, heart rate monitor, pedometer, and sleep tracker, Apple is one of the most reliable smartwatch brands. 

However, the water resistance surface protects the watch from water damage, when you wash your hands often. It also has an 18 hours battery life for a single charge. So, you won’t need to worry about the battery as well. 

Besides, it also has a quick and strong alarm and notes feature so that you can record your activities, get reminders of your schedule, and don’t miss out on your tasks. 

More amazing features like built-in speakers help you to make phone calls through your smartwatch. You can also dictate messages easily through Siri. 


  • Reliable fitness trackers 
  • Water-resistance surface 
  • Quick alarm and note-taking facility 
  • Long-lasting battery life 
  • Easy to make a phone call and send messages 


  • Not convenient for Android users 

2. Garmin 010-02172-11 Vivoactive 4S, Smaller-Sized GPS Smartwatch

Garmin 010-02172-11 Vivoactive 4S, Smaller-Sized GPS Smartwatch

Products Information

Screen Size1.1 Inches
Item Dimensions LxWxH1.57 x 1.57 x 0.5 inches
Item Weight0.08 Pounds
Battery Life7 days

As the name suggests, the size of this smartwatch is small and compact. Also, when it comes to fitness tracking, who else is better than the Germain brand? You may find none! Germain uses advanced technology for its smartwatch’s sensor, for the most reliable result. 

However, this Garmin smartwatch can be your one-stop solution for all your needs. Firstly, the body battery feature shows the energy level of your body. The pulse ox sensor indicates your oxygen level after having a really rough day. 

If you are a female nurse, for you, this smartwatch also includes a women’s health tracker to track your menstrual cycle. In addition to that, it also has hydration tracking to keep you hydrated throughout the day, and a respiration tracker for monitoring your breathing. 

Besides, it also includes heart monitoring, stress monitoring and sleep monitoring sensors. If self-care is your main motive, then this smartwatch is simply the best. 

However, not to mention, you can also get all notifications from your smartphone and can respond to text messages from your android phone. The battery life of this watch is also remarkable, it can run for 7 days or above in smartwatch mode. 


  • Advanced and reliable fitness tracker 
  • Menstrual tracker for female users
  • Up to 7 days of battery life
  • Small and compact size 
  • Access all smartphone notifications 


  • Doesn’t provide a text reply feature on iPhone 

3. Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS + Cellular, 40mm)

Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS + Cellular, 40mm)

Products Information

Supported ApplicationFitness Tracker, Sleep Monitor, Voice Assistant, Elevation Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor
Wireless Communication Standard5 GHz Radio Frequency, Bluetooth, 802.11a/b/g/n, 2.4 GHz Radio Frequency
ColorGraphite Stainless Steel, Black Sport Band
Connectivity TechnologyCellular, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS
Operating SystemWatchOS
Human Interface InputTouchscreen, Dial
Screen Size40 Millimeters
Water Resistance LevelWater Resistant

If you are not willing to pay a high price for the series 3 version of the apple watch, then in our list, we have the apple smart watch series 6. And if you are already an iPhone user, the combination will just get better.

However, to begin with, the most important feature of this watch is the GPS plus cellular connectivity. Cellular connectivity means, you won’t need to keep your phone near to you for accessing the notification. This is a great feature because as a nurse, most of the time your phone remains in your purse. 

Along with this, it also can track all your physical activities, even underwater. The high-quality blood oxygen sensor shows reliable results and the ECG sensor measures your heart rate anytime you need it.

Also, the sleep app helps to track your sleep if you are working on night shifts. The brightness of this watch is also great both indoors and outdoors.

Moreover, you can make phone calls and text messages through this watch without having your phone. The battery of this watch also lasts for 18 hours after every charge. 


  • GPS and cellular connectivity
  • High-quality fitness tracker 
  • Blood oxygen sensor and ECG sensor 
  • Great sleep tracking tool 


  • The band of this watch can be better 

4. Fitbit Versa Smart Watch 

Fitbit Versa Smart Watch 

Products Information

Supported ApplicationFitness Tracker
Wireless Communication StandardBluetooth
Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth
Compatible DevicesSmartphone
Human Interface InputButtons
Screen Size3 Inches
Water Resistance LevelWater Resistant

If you are searching for a very lightweight and comfortable smartwatch for your regular use, then this Fitbit versa smartwatch can be your first choice. The Fitbit fitness tracker is also very reliable, so it will be a perfect solution for you. 

You can get all types of notifications from your smartphone and can also send messages from your android phone through this watch. The display quality is also one of the best, even in daylight. 

The fitness tracker includes 15 sports modes, from running to swimming. It also includes an all-day heart rate monitor and sleep stage monitor for your wellbeing. Moreover, the battery life is also impressive, which lasts up to 4 days. 

For female users, it has a female health tracker, which tracks your symptoms and records the date of your menstrual period. Last but not least, it is also water-resistant, so don’t need to be worried about wearing it all day long. 


  • Great display quality 
  • Reliable and accurate fitness tracker
  • Female health tracker 
  • Own music storage 


  • Fewer apps are available 

5. Fossil Men’s Gen 4 Explorist HR Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch

Fossil Men's Gen 4 Explorist HR Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch

Products Information

Supported ApplicationAlarm, GPS, Heart Rate Monitor, Music Player
Wireless Communication StandardBluetooth, 802.11b
Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Operating SystemWear os by
Band ColorBrown
Compatible DevicesSmartphone
Human Interface InputTouchscreen, Microphone
Water Resistance LevelWater Resistant

If you are a male nurse and don’t want to wear a typical smartwatch but yet want to get the benefits of a smartwatch, then you should choose this smartwatch. This elegant-looking smartwatch doesn’t have a band like other smartwatches. Rather it has a leather-made belt or stainless steel chain which doesn’t look like a smartwatch, but it is a smartwatch. 

You can get all your smartphone notifications on this watch. In addition to that, this watch also allows third-party apps, which is a really cool feature to have. 

Along with this, it also has a customizable alarm, goal settings, and calendar alerts, which are really good features to track your activities and maintain your schedule. 

The built-in fitness tracker is also very much reliable along with a heart rate monitor. 

It also has a built-in microphone, music storage, LED flashlight, multiple time zones, a calendar, and much more. However, this watch is compatible with only android 6.0 and iOS 10 plus devices. The battery life is 24 hours and can be run for 2 days in low power mode. 


  • Very elegant and modern look 
  • A built-in fitness tracker
  • Plenty of additional features are available 


  • Battery quality can be improved 

What To Look For Before Buying The Best Smartwatch For Nurses

As a nurse, your smartwatch should be able to facilitate your work, and make your life a little easier, rather than make it worse. Some of the factors are a must needed in a perfect smartwatch for a nurse. So, let’s learn about those factors! 

Device Compatibility: Whether you are a nurse or in another profession, before purchasing any smartwatch, it is important to ensure device compatibility. As you are most likely to connect your smartwatch with your phone, make sure that the smartwatch is able to be connected to the phone. And it should be able to feature all the conveniences. 

Water Resistance: The most important factor is the water resistance of the smartwatch. A nurse has to wash his/her hands very often during working hours. If the smartwatch is not water-resistant, it won’t last long, as there is a high chance that the smartwatch may come in contact with water. 

Size And Weight: The size and the weight of the watch are other important factors. The big-sized smartwatch can’t be convenient for your working conditions. At the same time, the heavyweight also can cause trouble and discomfort. So try to buy a very lightweight and standard-sized smartwatch. 

Fitness Tracker: To ensure your better health condition, it is always a great way to track the fitness level of the body. A smartwatch with good fitness tracking ability can help you to track different types of fitness indicators, which you should be aware of. 

Battery Life: As a nurse, it is quite impossible to charge the smartwatch when you are in the hospital. If the battery dies in the middle of the day, it is a complete waste of money. Therefore, you should consider the battery duration of your smartwatch. 

Durability: Last but not the least, another important factor is the durability of your smartwatch. A smartwatch of a nurse is likely to go through a lot of adverse conditions than other professions. So, it has to be durable for serving a long time. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before making your purchase decision, make sure to read this section of the article to know the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the best smartwatches for nurses. 

Question: Can A Nurse Use A Smartwatch?

Answer: The answer is yes! Most hospitals now allow nurses to use smartwatches. But it is better to make sure from your hospital’s administration. 

Question: Should I Buy A Water Resistance Or A Waterproof Smartwatch?

Answer: Well, the waterproof smartwatch means that the water won’t be able to penetrate through the watch. On the other hand, water resistance means the material will be able to protect the watch on a certain level of water and for a certain period of time. However, both of these are good enough for a nurse. 

Question: Do Smartwatches Emit Radiation?

Answer: Just like other wireless devices, smartwatches also emit radiation. But most of the time, the energy of radiation is very low, which has less possibility of causing cancer or other diseases. 

Question: Can I Use A Garmin Smartwatch As An Iphone User? 

Answer: Of course, you can. But there will be some limitations. Such as, you won’t be able to send direct messages from your smartwatch.  


Hopefully, after reading this article on ‘best smartwatches for nurses’, you surely have got a clear idea about the smartwatches for nurses. 

It is true that the price of smartwatches for nurses is a bit higher than others. But in terms of the quality and facilities, you can’t really compromise, as your smartwatch is going to be used a lot.

So, instead of buying a low price product, which may stop working soon, you should buy a well-branded product that will last long.