5 Best Desks That Hide Monitors (+ 5 Clever DIY Hacks!)

Are you embarrassed to have people over because of your workspace? If so, it’s time to look into desks that hide monitors or try one of these clever DIY hacks!

When we started looking into the best desks that hide monitors, we discovered a treasure trove of clever DIY hacks for those who want a totally custom built workspace for their home.

So we’ve split this blog post into two parts, first, we’ve got our top 5 picks of desks that hide monitors, and then we’re sharing the top 5 clever DIY hacks we’ve discovered along the way

Let’s cover some basics first!

What is a hidden desk called?

There are 4 main types of hidden desks. They are known as the pull-out desk, the Murphy desk (coming off the wall or cabinet), the pivoting foldaway desk, and closet desks.

Each desk has its pros and cons, but all aim to conceal your workspace when not in use.

Key features of hidden desks

You can have a variety of different hidden desks depending on your environment, what you want to conceal and what your budget allows. The key features we’ve discovered in our findings are:

– Desks that disappear when not in use

– Desks that tuck away into another piece of furniture

– Desks that blend with the rest of your furniture

Hidden Desks: Our Top 5 Picks for Desks That Hide Monitors

All of these desks are perfect for people who want to declutter their space and keep their work area hidden from view. Depending on what tech you’re using, the furniture below will help create the illusion of a family environment. Within seconds, your living space can be transformed to your work space, and vice versa.

Let’s dive in!

Desks That Hide Monitors

Haotian White Folding Wall-Mounted Desk

The Haotian Folding Wall-Mounted Desk is one of our absolute favorite desks to come out of our research into desks that hide monitors. The design is simple, purpose built and allows you to have your desk in any location around your home. The only downside of this desk is that you can’t fold your monitor/laptop away when you collapse it, but it’s such a concealed and simple use of space that we felt it deserved one of the top spots!

Desks That Hide Monitors

Safavieh American Homes Collection Abigail White Fold Down Desk

With the Safavieh Abigail desk, you’re best off working with a laptop if you’re looking to conceal your tech. The bottom draw allows for a study and secure place to store your laptop, which is one of the key features of this desk. It creates a stylish sideboard for your home and a practical workspace for you – and all at a budget friendly price!

Desks That Hide Monitors

Winsome Wood Regalia Home Office Desk

The Winsome Wood Home Office Desk is a great option if you’re looking to integrate a vintage style piece into your home, as well as upgrade your work station. It comes with plenty of storage for your computer, as well as any extra accessories, books and paperwork you might want to hide away at the end of your working day too.

Desks That Hide Monitors

Bush Furniture Key West Secretary Desk

On the subject of stylish furniture, it’s only right we highlight the Bush Key West Secretary Desk because the details with this computer desk are pretty dreamy. It would perfectly disguise your workstation while adding a touch of class to your home.

Desks That Hide Monitors

Walker Edison Secretary Hutch Wooden Desk

This Walker Edison Secretary Desk would look perfect in your kitchen, bedroom, hallway… basically anywhere in your home. You can use this computer desk for trinkets/decor as well as your work kit, simply because it has so much storage included. It works to conceal your computer without compromising on the look of your home and for that we can only applaud it.

Now that we’ve covered our top 5 picks for desks that hide monitors, let’s see about getting our hands dirty!

You don’t necessarily need to invest in a hidden desk like the ones we’ve shared above. In fact, we’ve come up with 8 clever hacks for desks that hide monitors and most of them you can do with the most basic desk and a little bit of DIY.

Let’s dive in!

5 clever DIY hacks for desks that hide monitors

Reconsider spaces without natural light or swindows

For a quick and easy DIY desk that hides monitors, you can make use of spaces in your home that you wouldn’t normally use, like cupboards, by making a few changes.

For this project, you will need:

– a table or desk (something like this small computer desk would work well!)

– saw

– measuring tape

– drill

– screws

– hinges

Find an unused space in your home, like a cupboard under the stairs. Then measure the space to see what size desk you can fit. Next cut a hole in the back of the cupboard for your cords. Then drill holes for your screws and hinges. Finally, screw in the hinges and attach your desk!

Hide a desk under the stairs

A desk hidden under a staircase is a great option, particularly if you can find a desk to match the style of your stairs so it blends well with your decor.

You can buy a desk that’s specifically designed to fit under the stairs, like this one (https://amzn.to/3xAbdOJ). Or you could get creative and make your own!

Here are some extra things you’ll need:

– saw

– measuring tape

– drill

– screws

– hinges

Start by measuring the space under your stairs. Then find some desks that will fit the space. You may need to get creative with this, depending on the size and shape of your staircase. Once you have your desk, drill holes for screws and hinges. Finally, screw in the hinges and attach your desk!

Hide your computer desk behind a sofa

Console tables behind sofas are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason! They’re a great way to add extra storage and surface space without taking up too much room.

You can buy a console table that’s specifically designed to hide a desk, like this one. Or you could get creative and make your own using similar techniques to what we’ve shared above.

Divide an open plan space with sliding doors

If your working space is fairly open plan, you can install sliding doors to divide off your working area as and when you need it. Sliding doors take up less space than hinged doors and can add a statement to your home, so it’s a sound idea if your workspace allows.

Find a local carpenter or joiner to make and install custom doors for you, or buy a pre-made kit.

A bedroom hidden desk

If you’re short on space, a hidden desk in your bedroom is a great option. You can buy desks that are specifically designed to be hidden in your bedroom. Or you could consider a tray desk, like this one which you can fold up and slide under your bed (or wardrobe) at the end of your working day.

The Takeaway: To Buy or DIY Desks That Hide Monitors

The options for this are entirely up to you. It depends on your budget, what space you’re looking to enhance, whether you want to try your hand at a DIY build and what exactly you’re hiding.

That being said, we think the top 5 picks we shared at the beginning of the post will more than cover your needs if you need a quick solution. Happy shopping!

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