Best Squash Shoes For Bad Knees Of 2022 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Best Squash Shoes For Bad Knees

Squash is one of the most active and intense sports, where you need to move towards different positions and directions to hit the ball. This often can cause severe injuries. And if you already had a knee injury,  you must get the best squash shoes for bad knees. 

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of squash shoes for keeping you fit. Along with this, we will also provide our review on the top 5 squash shoes online and as well as an ultimate buying guide to make your purchase process easier. 

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Benefits of Best Squash Shoes For Bad Knees

While surfing the internet, you will see a lot of health benefits of playing squash. But this sport also can cause you different types of muscle injuries while playing. There is no other option than to wear the best squash shoes before getting into the court. 

Let’s learn some of the benefits of wearing squash shoes! 

Benefits of Best Squash Shoes For Bad Knees

Absorb Shock: This is one of the most required features if your knee isn’t in the sound position. The shock-absorbing cushion of the squash shoe prevents any strain and fatigue on your knee. When you move between different heights or land on the surface, this feature won’t let you feel much pressure, since it absorbs the pressure itself. 

Provide Traction: The traction ability of the squash shoes ensure better grip during the play. This feature helps to move across the court, without being slipped on the surface and causing muscle injuries. 

Makes Lateral Movement Easy: If you have ever played squash, you may already know that this sport needs lateral movements very often. The sideways material and grip of the squash shoes make the lateral movement safe and non-slippery. 

Provide Comfort: The lightweight material and compact design of squash shoes make them comfortable on your feet. It ensures that you don’t feel any discomfort during the match. 

Best Squash Shoes For Bad Knees Review – Our Top 5 Pick

If you are a bit concerned about your knee injuries or you are an injury-prone player, then you will understand your need of having squash shoes which are best for bad knees. 

By keeping your needs in mind, in this article, we are going to provide you an insightful review on our top 5 best squash shoes for bad knees. Here, we have tried to combine different price ranges and focused on the shoes that reduce the pressure on your knees.

Hopefully, you will be able to buy squash shoes online, after reading this review. 

1. Python Deluxe Indoor Court Shoes

Python Deluxe Indoor Court Shoes

In our review section, the first squash shoe that we got is Python Deluxe Indoor Court Shoes. Before going into the product description, let me tell you that the price of this product is really temptative! 

However, the product quality has also been maintained within this price range. First of all, to protect your injured knee, this shoe has a thick back heel. A thick back heel keeps the foot at a distance from the ground, which helps to reduce the amount of shock your foot is going to feel. 

In addition to that, the inside of this shoe is made of soft mesh fabric that has a large capacity for absorbing sweat for your comfort. It also has a stable surface to give your movement perfect stability. 

Last but not least, the shoe itself is very light in weight so that you can feel comfortable when you wear it. 


  • Shock absorption capacity 
  • Great traction ability 
  • High-quality mesh fabric in the inside area 
  • Sweat absorption capacity 
  • Stable surface for playing stability 


  • You may need to buy a bigger size than usual 

2. HEAD Men’s Grid 2.0 Low Racquetball/Squash Indoor Court Shoes

HEAD Men's Grid 2.0 Low Racquetball/Squash Indoor Court Shoes

This is one of the most good-looking squash shoes available on the market. But not only the good look but also the product quality is actually suitable for indoor activities like racquetball, squash, etc. 

The most noticeable characteristic of this shoe is its high traction capability. The outer sole is made of high abrasion, tacky gum rubber ensures the best traction on the surface. 

Not only the traction but also the mobility of these shoes are also impressive.  The high grip of this shoe helps you to move across the court without any type of discomfort. Along with that, the anti-torsion shank is made of nylon flexes and bends very smoothly for effective movement. 

Lastly, the air mesh upper ensures better breathability. 


  • High abrasion compound 
  • Great grip on the foot 
  • Air mesh upper 
  • Amazing and fashionable look 


  • It may feel a little heavier

3. Salming Men’s Kobra 2 Squash Indoor Court Shoes

Salming Men's Kobra 2 Squash Indoor Court Shoes

If the budget isn’t an issue or you have a good budget, then you can go for this squash shoe. As the name suggests, this pair of shoes is made for only men. 

Its nice compact design and vivid color are going to attract you a lot. The excellent breathability, lightweight, and high-quality cushioning are some of the best features of these shoes. 

First of all, to minimize the shock impact on your feet, this shoe has soft foam cushioning in the heel area for absorbing the impact. Besides, the SOFTFORM and RECOIL make an excellent combination for maximizing your performance level. 

In addition to that, this shoe has a longer heel area. These are called anatomical ergo heels, which ensure your fitness and comfort. Not only that, but it also has a hexagrip design to ensure greater grip for all indoor activities. 

However, the construction of this shoe has been specially made to protect your stability and agility during playtime. 


  • Excellent cushioning for absorbing impact 
  • Hexagrip design pattern 
  • Specialized construction of the shoe 
  • Anatomical ergo heel 
  • Excellent breathability and lightweight 


  • When you wear it, you may feel a bit stiffy 

4. ASICS Women’s Upcourt 4 Court Shoes

ASICS Women's Upcourt 4 Court Shoes

As we have already talked about a pair of men’s specialized shoes, it’s time to talk about the specialized shoes for women. And in our list, we have ASICS Women’s Upcourt 4 Court Shoes.

This women’s shoe is suitable for 4 different courts, including squash, volleyball, and pickleball. However, this is a good fit for outdoor play as well.  

Though it doesn’t have ASICS’ signature gel material, it is soft and comfortable to wear for a long period of time. The rubber sole of this shoe ensures better grip and traction in the court by reducing the possibility of slipping. Besides, they also have a better capability to control your lateral movement during the game.  

This also feels really comfortable, compact, and lightweight while playing. Not to mention, the really good look of these shoes, which goes with almost every type of outfit. 


  • Rubber sole for greater grip 
  • Useable in both indoor and outdoor 
  • Prevent any slippage 


  • The Toe area is a little narrower 

5. SAMEVE Squash Shoes AS6001 002 QK518

SAMEVE Squash Shoes AS6001 002 QK518

Lastly, we have SAMEVE Squash Shoes AS6001 002 QK518 in our review list. However, this shoe is not only good for squash but also suitable for volleyball and badminton games as well. Most importantly, if you are a new player, this shoe can be a perfect fit for you. 

The Micro Fiber outer soles are used to provide stability and backing during rapid transitions in the game. Additionally, this shoe provides very strong support and comfort as well. 

Besides, for all-day comfort, it has cushioned insoles. And for improved grip on the indoor court’s surfaces, a rubber gum sole with TPU is used.

In addition to all of these, this shoe also includes breathable material for your comfort, as well as a dial-based fit system, micro-adjust, and the very well-known classic lace-up. 


  • Multisports capacity 
  • Best for beginners 
  • Microfiber outer sole 
  • Cushioned insole area 


  • Not suitable for pro players 

What To Look For Before Buying The Best Squash Shoes For Bad Knees

Not sure about what factors should be your major concern before purchasing a pair of squash shoes? Readout this part of the article to understand the factor that you should consider and why you should consider them. A simple suggestion is that, do not fall for only looks! 


During the squash game, feet go through a lot of friction inside the shoe, which can cause blisters in your feet. So, therefore, give enough attention to the shoe’s material and also make sure to wear the right pair of socks. 

Shock Absorption Capacity:

If your shoes are unable to absorb the shock of instant and intense movement, the shock will directly affect your knees, which will eventually cause knee injury. 


The quick and intense movements during the squash game cause a lot of heat inside the shoe. This heat can cause sweat in your feet and ultimately form a bacteria attack in the long run. So, try to buy squash shoes that have specialized breathing panels for proper heat ventilation. 

Grip of the Shoe:

It is impossible to play on the court if your shoes don’t have enough gripping capability. A strong grip will ensure that your feet strongly remain on the surface and don’t slip away. 

Proper Ankle Support:

Make sure that your shoe isn’t too tight on the ankle area or too loose. Shoes with loose ankles won’t let you play, rather they will slip away. On the other hand, too tight shoes can even cause the ankle to swell. 


The last thing you should also consider is the weight of the shoes. Heavy shoes can cause unnecessary uncomfort and also can have a bad impact on your feet. So, try to buy squash shoes with a lower weight. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

If you have some questions regarding the best squash shoes for bad knees, read through this section of this article, to find out the answers to the most common questions.

Questions: What Is A Major Feature Of Squash Shoes For Bad Knees?

Answer: If you have injured knees, then the first thing you should keep in mind is the shock absorption capacity of the shoes. As well as, you may focus on the construction of the shoe.  

Question: Can Wrong Squash Shoes Cause Injuries?

Answer: Unfortunately, yes! If your shoes are not capable of absorbing shock, don’t have enough grip, or don’t have sufficient traction ability, any of these can cause you injuries. 

Question: Can Running Shoes Be Used As Squash Shoes?

Answer: Not at all. Not only because they will leave stains on the court floor but also they are slippery on the court. They won’t be able to give you proper balance, while you are playing. This can also cause muscle injuries. 

Questions: Do I Need To Buy A Bigger Size Squash Shoe Than The Usual Shoes?

Answer: Well, squash shoes are made to be tightly fit your foot. However, this makes it too narrow in the ankle area, especially if you have wide ankles. So, therefore, you will need to buy a bigger size for a comfortable fit. Then again sometimes it also depends on your foot too. 


Hopefully, after reading this article on ‘best squash shoes for bad knees, you will be able to buy perfectly fitted squash shoes for yourself and play squash smoothly, even if you had knee injuries in the past. 

However, be aware that squash shoes and running shoes may look similar but in terms of features and capabilities, they are totally different. So, when you are purchasing shoes for your squash game, try to purchase one which is specifically a squash shoe.