How To Use A Birthing Ball During Pregnancy? [Everything You Should Know]

How To Use A Birthing Ball During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful time, but it can also be difficult for some women. One of the most common complaints about pregnancy is back pain. There are plenty of exercises you can do to prevent back pain during pregnancy, but one of the most effective is using a birthing ball during your pregnancy.

The Birthing Ball helps to keep your lower back in a neutral position and helps with strengthening muscles throughout your body. Many people believe that back pain is the result of poor posture, which could be true, but you can prevent many of these problems with proper exercise.

This article will explain how and why you should use a birthing ball.

How To Use Your Birthing Ball During Pregnancy

How To Use Your Birthing Ball During Pregnancy?

Because it’s important to ensure your back stays in a neutral position while using a birthing ball, here are some general tips to help you get started.

1. Find A Comfortable Birthing Ball

It’s best to find a birthing ball that you can sit comfortably in for long periods of time, so it’s important to consider your comfort level. You want to avoid a birthing ball that is too hard or too soft, so make sure you select the right size for your needs.

2. Start With 20 Minutes A Day

As an illustration, I use a birthing ball to help me manage my back pain and to strengthen my back muscles. I use the same method of using a birthing ball every day for 20 minutes at a time. This helps me feel more relaxed and helps my backstay in a neutral position.

3. Start With Light Exercises

If you are unsure about how to use a birthing ball, start with simple exercises to get started. The first exercise should be to sit up straight and straighten your back. This will keep your spine in a neutral position.

4. Be Sure To Keep Your Spine In A Neutral Position

The spine should remain straight when you are sitting on your birthing ball. Make sure to avoid any twisting movements and maintain a neutral position at all times.

5. Stretch Before And After Using Your Birthing Ball

In any case, it’s important to stretch your back muscles and your back will feel much better once it’s stretched out.

Increase your exercise time to 30 minutes after a few weeks of using the birthing ball. Once you get the hang of it, you will start noticing that the more you use the birthing ball, the better your back will feel.

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A birthing ball is a great tool to use during pregnancy. It helps in relieving pain, and it also makes you feel more comfortable. But not all birthing balls are made the same.

That’s why we researched and found the best birthing ball on the market.

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BABYGO Birthing Pregnancy Ball

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Positively, this ball can help in reducing pain and speeding up the healing process after birth. It also helps in building your core strength and improving your pelvic health, and it is a great product for moms who are currently pregnant, or in their labor stage.

This ball is 5x stronger than a regular gym ball which means that you can safely do exercises with this ball, without worrying about breaking it.

Also, this ball is ergonomically designed for the whole body, so it’ll help you get rid of all your aches and pains.

After testing it out, we found that this ball is super comfortable, and it is easy to use. Also, it doesn’t smell, and it is super soft, which makes it feel great to the touch.

If you’re looking for a great birthing ball that won’t hurt your back, or that won’t cause you any discomfort during pregnancy, then you should definitely try this product.

Overall, this birthing ball is perfect for you if you’re looking for a comfortable product that will give you a great night’s sleep. It also works well for you if you’re planning on having a natural birth because you’ll be able to move around comfortably without any pain.


1. Skin-friendly material

2. Comfort and relieve the pressure on painful stitches

3. Help in rebuilding your pelvic floor Boost

4. Improve your core strength


1. Maybe the ball won’t stay inflated


We hope that this article has been helpful to you. We know that many people have struggled with back pain during pregnancy and have even had serious issues like birth defects or even premature labor. The birthing ball can help you avoid these problems by keeping your lower back in a neutral position.

If you have questions about birthing balls, feel free to contact us!